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About us:
Our vocational past go back to the year of 1986. We started our trade with winding of elektro-motor and welding transformers, then in 2002 we settled in for manufacturing also toroidal power transformers, which was later made up with manufacturing of safety isolating transformer, which is made with split bobbin.


What is toroidal power transformer at all?
The toroidal power transformer is an electrical device, which produce from the line voltage such a voltage that is needed for actuation of different electrical devices. Their operating frequency is 50-60Hz. The most important requirement to the transformer is to transform the electrical energy with the minimal loss. The best solution is the toroidal transformer.

The toroidal transformer
Its scope is very extensive. Due to its small space intensive, simple mounting and low idle current it is popular among users. In our offer can be found toroidal transformers nearly in all sizes. We also try to fulfil specific needs or demand even for a single piece of transformer. The planning is for free. The transformers have CE marking. We build a 133°C thermal fuse in every transformer. Applied standards and EU directives: MSZ-EN 60950, 50360. 50081-1-2.



Safety isolating transformer
In some devices can be installed only split bobbin-wound isolating transformer. For example: surgical instruments, cosmetic devices, etc. This can only be resolved with bobbin, which is made to so-called EI iron core. The primary and secondary winding are positioned not over each other but next to each other. Therefore its dielectric strength is extremely high.


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